Cornell Homestead built 1680

October 1909 photo of High Falls workers. Shaft NS6

A Technicolor Greeting Card from the 1950s

A technicolor greeting card from the 1950s


D&H Canal postcard

view from the Rosendale Canal, 1913

Rosendale RR Bridge

B 385- View of mountain, Rosendale, NY

Lawrenceville overlooking Rosendale postcard

St Peters Hall, Rosendale, NY By Veeder

AJ Snyder & Sons, established 1856 Rosendale Cement Card

B837  Upper Rosendale showing W.S.R.R Bridge

a postcard of Lower Main Street in Rosendale

a black and white postcard of Main Street in Tillson

a black and white postcard of Tillson’s post office

the reformed church in Tillson

Rosendale Cement miners at the quarry

a technicolor greeting card from Tillson, NY

Hornbeck Dunn House Card, unfolded

Keator’s Grocery in Tillson

color postcard of the Cornell Homestead

492B- Main Street of Rosendale, showing Vaughn’s Drug Store

Post Card showing the Episcopal Church in Rosendale, Main Street

B844- Main Street in Rosendale, showing a hotel in the distance

Coxen Bridge over Roundout Creek, Rosendale, NY, 1966. Technicolor photo

Zeigler’s mountain view House and Lawrenceville, NY, 1920s

B840- Upper Rosendale, Rondout Creek. bird’s eye view of Rosendale

a postcard depicting a street scene of an unpaved Rosendale road

Reformed Church in Rosendale, Published by Veeder

Dutch Reformed Church in Rosendale, published by Keator. No.5

Photo of the 1928 Rosendale flood

a photograph turned into a greeting card,  1906

photograph turned into a greeting card, 1905

A  greeting card from High Falls, NY

B838 main street Rosendale

Rosendale Baptist Church by Veeder

bird’s eye view of Lawrenceville

loading canal boats at the loch in Rosendale

Rosendale’s Main Street from the Canal Bridge

St. Peter’s Church in Rosendale

a boat waiting for a pull, Rosendale

St Peter’s Hall and Sister’s Home

A street scene in Tillson

portrait of the town photo series Antique shop

portrait of the town table rock tours and bike shop

portrait of the town bill brooks garden shop

portrait of the town booktraders

portrait of the town De monde design

portrait of the town laundromat

portrait of the town puppets