Rosendale Cement Articles and Essays

The Rosendale Cement Industry, by Stephen Skye, 2006

The D&H Canal Company: Forming, Financing, and Reporting on an Early 19th Century Corpoation

Quarrymen Strike Clipping

Rosendale Railway Collapse Clipping

Fire at Cement Company Clipping

Union of Cement Concerns Clipping

American Cements Scientific American Page 136

An Archaeological Survey of the Whiteport Cement Works

The Milwaukee Cement Company

The Rondout and Its Canal

Brachiopoda and Stratigraphy of the Rondout Formation in the Rosendale Quadrangle, Southeastern New York

Cement and Concrete, Creativity and Community, and Charles E. Peterson

Experience With Cement-Lined Cast Iron Pipe

1958 Library Opens

Ski Championship Articles

Rosendale Awaits Skiiiers Clipping

Rosendale State Ski Championships Clippings Page

Olympic Ski Jump Honors Clippings

Olympic Ski Jump Summaries Clippings

Winter Sports in NY Have Full Schedule Clipping 1966

Make Catskills A Winter Resort 1960

Life in Rosendale and Surrounding Valley

Weekender Rosendale Review Clippings Page

River of Dreams Chapter 2 Life and Labor in the Hudson Valley

Where Lovecraft Lost His Telescope His Kingston and the Towns around it