Join Engather co-founder Amanda Cassiday for an interactive session where we will connect more deeply with one another, reflect together on community and the gift economy, and learn about how Engather is bringing the gift economy to the Hudson Valley. By the end of our time together, attendees will have the option to join the Engather gift economy network.

About Engather

Engather is a locally-based gift economy platform that reweaves the social fabric of our communities through supportive, joyful human connections. Join to pursue common interests, share skills & resources, and give or get a helping hand. You’ll discover new relationships, stronger communities, and a thriving culture of mutual support.

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The gift economy is a fairly new name for a practice that has existed in cultures around the world since the dawn of humanity. Coming together to support one another – at the core of the gift economy – is not only central to being human, it is also the leading indicator of a happy, healthy life, and a resilient, thriving community.

As we find ourselves living increasingly in a world of tit-for-tat transactions and toxic individualism, initiatives like Engather  and the public library systems are identifying ways to bring people together over shared purpose, resources, knowledge, and skills, to cultivate a deeper sense of prosperity within ourselves and our communities.

About Amanda

It wasn’t until Amanda Cassiday (she/her) lived in a rural village in Burkina Faso that she experienced the resilient power of community, and learned that positive, abundant outcomes are not possible without cultivating the conditions that allow individuals, teams, and communities to thrive. For 15 years, this approach has been a driving force in Amanda’s personal and professional life, from facilitating a woman-led microfinance group in Takaledougou that continues to operate since 2009, to leading design teams responsible for some of the most successful launches in Johnson & Johnson’s history, bringing purpose and consumer needs to the heart of strategy & innovation. She is the co-founder of Engather as well as a maker, a student of gardening and permaculture, and a mentor to entrepreneurs.