Love playing the ancient (and modern) game of Go? We have boards and pieces available at the library! You can come anytime we are open and play games on site with other Go enthusiasts.

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Go originated in China about 4000 years ago.  Go reached the Western hemisphere in the late 1800’s. Today, Go survives in its original form as the oldest game in the world.

Go is a game of strategy and skill involving no elements of chance.  Each participant seeks to control and capture more territory than the other.

Two players compete by placing pieces, called stones, on a board lined with a simple grid, usually 19×19.  Each player seeks to enclose areas with his stones… each player may capture his opponents’ stones.

A game of Go can achieve a wonderful artistic intricacy, born of an individual player’s intrinsic creativity.

(excerpted from The way to Go by Karl Baker, available for checkout with your library card)

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