Join local Mycologist Luke Sarrantonio for A walk in the forest and delve into the mysterious world of mushrooms, other fascinating fungi. We will discuss basic functions that help them survive and thrive as they form intricate relationships and shape the ecosystems that we live in. Fungi are powerful decomposers, releasing bound up nutrients and facilitating the flow of these nutrients. They also influence population dynamics and atmospheric weather patterns. Everything is connected (slight cliche) and fungi play a large role in this beautiful web of life. A constant eb and flow, striving for balance in a world of perpetual change. As the spring brings warmth and activity increases, these connections become more apparent, if we take the time to observe. We will focus on ecology and biology, sustainable and safe foraging practices, Identification, and ways you can use fungi for nourishment and medicine. Learn how to make a spore print for ID and explore the art potential of these amazing organisms. Bring all your questions.

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