Friends of Rosendale Library

November 23, 2013

Attendance-  Jo Ann Reuben, Florence Staats, Toby Eisman, Carol Campion, Joan Boris, Eileen Meltzer, Mary Potratz, Judith Minissali, Ann Sarrantonio


Secretary’s Report-  Minutes were reviewed and accepted, motion by Jo Ann R., seconded by Toby E.

Friends decided that we are not able to donate to other non-profits, we will not be able to donate to the Ulster County donations fund.


Treasurer’s Report-  see attached at the end of minutes;  Wendy was happy to get a large donation of really good DVDs, we received a check for $641 recently from Book Prospector.


Old Business- Nat. Friends of Lib. Week- Thanks to Judith M. and Peter Sorrentino for all their work on promoting the FRL (in costume on Main St.) and LEGO Sat. This was a big hit, 9 children participated.  We discussed maybe doing LEGO Sat. seasonally with special themes.  Book Discussion-Great turnout, 11 people discussed Flight Behavior.  All decided they would like to do it again before the usual one in the Spring. A date was picked, Jan. 26, Eileen H. will contact everyone by email with some suggested book choices. Newsletter- Carol C. will be editing her last newsletter in Feb.  JoAnn R. and Florence S. submitted their research on what other libraries are doing about eNewsletters and their websites.  Copies of the research were distributed. Florence S. noted that many of the libraries have  websites that are interactive.  Including things like vision statements, surveys, wish lists, etc. Amazon Smile is one way several of the libraries raise money. Every time one of their patron’s shop at Amazon the library gets a percentage of the sale.  We will look into this.  Some libraries use Constant Contact, a product that allows easy contact with patrons and designing of eNewletters.  Best features on these other websites are: interactive ability, archived newsletters and vision statements.  There was much discussion and we decided to come up with a more definite proposal at the Jan.11 meeting and then invite the Director, representatives from the Library Board and the FRL to a brainstorming meeting.  Johanna Hill has expressed a desire to possibly help with the newsletter after the Feb. issue.  We will put a notice in that newsletter including a survey about what patrons would like to see in the next newsletter and a place for them to give us their email address.  Frozendale- Dec. 7, 10-3pm.  Ann Van Damm will have stories for the holiday from 10-10:30.  We could use more gift items.  Wendy and our volunteer  Ed are fixing up the Bookcellar, Joan B. will come in next week to help.  Please sign up for 2 hr. shifts at the desk.


New Business- Wendy’s suggestions- Can the FRL have better communication with the Lib. Board?  We agreed to forward our FRL meeting minutes to members of the Lib. Board. Do we want to seek legal advice about whether the FRL can legally give to other non-profits?  The FRL decided that we are not allowed to give to other non-profits.  Wendy would like the next newsletter to include a request for strong people with trucks.  New members-Ann S. is suggesting that we should have a FRL member who is responsible to make any new members welcome and fill them in on our recent history. We’ll discuss at the Jan. meeting. FRL membership Brochure- We have only a few of these left.  We will discuss designing a new one at the next meeting.


Board Report-  Toby informed us that the Library Board is still looking for new members.  Toby will be finishing her term in December. 


3rd quarter Treasurer’s Report




MHLS - Book in a Bag Fee for Sweet Salt Air


VISA- Staples - copying Flyers and Letter


VISA-office supplies


Canal Press - Fall Newsletter


VISA- Postage Stamps


Canal Press - 500 Envelopes


Am Libr Assoc Membership


Bulk Mail Annual Permit


Bulk Mail Postage for Fall Newsletter










Cap Campaign - C. Cruikshank & Butler


Book Prospector


Ohioville Consignment - Books for resale


Cap Campaign - Cruikshank Book Donations


Annual Outdoor Book Sale


Scholarship Fund Raffle


Supporter Letter


General Donation


2nd Qtr Dividends - UFCU accounts


2nd Qtr Interest - Capital One accounts


Bank Balances at 9/30/13


Savings 1

General Savings .1% APY


Savings 2

Local History  .09% APY


Savings 3

Capital Campaign  .1% APY





Capital Campaign .45% APY




Gen Savings 0.45% APY




Capital Campaign 0.45% APY



Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct)


Capital Campaign Money - 0.40% APY



General - 0.40% APY